Verica Kovacevska, I Must Be, 2003
Verica Kovacevska
I Must Be

Verica Kovacevska was born in 1982 in Skopje and studied in the UK. She is known for live performances in which she directly integrates the audience and surroundings. In "Walking Project" (since 2006), she candidly approaches passers-by, and in "Everyday Art, the Art of the Everyday" (2005–2006), she hands out postcards establishing contact between the artist, exhibition location and visitors. The second project took one year to finish and climaxed in an exhibition of 365 artifacts in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje.

I Must Be is a video in four parts and is based on obsessive behaviour similar to that in Marina Abramović’s Art must be beautiful, Artists must be beautiful (1975). Each part was filmed in one take with no extra editing and documents the inconsequential rituals of life.

Courtesy Verica Kovacevska

Document media
Video, colour, sound, 8:59 min

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exhaustion, normativity, re-enactment

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