Tanja Ostojić, I’ll Be Your Angel, 2001-2002
Tanja Ostojić
I’ll Be Your Angel

Tanja Ostojić (*1972, Serbia, Germany) is an interdisciplinary artist from Belgrade who lives and works in Berlin. In her provocative performances, she investigates the position of women within contemporary cultural and political power regimes. She uses persiflage, provocation and irony as strategies to expose and subvert the exclusionary mechanisms of European immigration policies and the hierarchies within the Western art world.

In I’ll Be Your Angel Ostojić accompanied the curator Harald Szeemann during the opening of the 49th Venice Biennale, never leaving his side. Part of her contribution to the Biennial was also her conceptual body art work Black Square on White (2001), in which her pubic hair was trimmed in a square, and which was kept hidden from the audience. The diary that she kept during the time remains unpublished: Szeemann prohibited its publication. “This piece, integrated in everyday life, poses potential ambiguous narratives concerning the scandalous artist (and the curator). It provokes an invitation/invasion, and questions the power structure in the art world. Speculations of morality, and art world strategy will spin out.”

Courtesy Tanja Ostojić

Performance documentation

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Video, colour, English subtitles, 22:00 min

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fashion/glamour, femininity, institutional critique, migration, roleplay, stereotypes

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